Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have been a busy girl

Somedays I sit back and wonder why I am so tired, well it is all so worth it when I am able to create some new products and designs.

A couple of posts ago I did mention that for some reason anything lovey dovey and romantic was really appealing to me of late even though I have no idea why, well now that I sit back and take a look I can see this has continued in some of my new designs.

Here is a sneak peak of some of them that have that 'romanticism' about them.  For the kawaii lovers dont worry I have still been making lots of new products in that style too which will be listed very shortly.

I am particularly excited about the Blue Lagoon ponytail holders.  They are so unique and have been made using cabochons in a lovely rose design.  Most of these got snapped up at the 'Tour Down Under' market but not to worry I will be making more and I have one pair left here.

You can find these products and more listed in my Made It and Etsy store.


  1. hey sweet, I need ur email so I can email the details I need for the emag...email me at pbarros03@hotmail.com