Sunday, February 14, 2010

Behind the Scenes

It feels like such a long time before I have posted anything and it really has been.

I really love blogging, but lately things have gotten on top of me personally and I have had to take a step back and realise it is ok not to do everything and to be everyone to everybody.  Yes I will keep telling myself that every now and again.  A few days of ordered bed rest has proven to me that I need to do that!

I have been making so many lovely new designs for my shop that I would love to share, but firstly I would love to show you some 'behind the scenes' shots of moments that occured while trying to take some photos of my daughter wearing some of my samples. Please keep in mind I do not have a whizz bang camera, just a standard point and shoot but luckily it still captures some treasured moments.

This one happened when I asked my little princess to 'smile' for Mummy..

These two happened when boredom set in

Now I cant leave this post without sharing a special shot of my little man either, I had to put this one on my Facebook Page it just made me laugh.  This is the 'man of the house' sharing a tender moment with our very patient dog, he wanted her to 'pucker up'..

Oh gosh they make it all worth while....

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