Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have been a busy girl

Somedays I sit back and wonder why I am so tired, well it is all so worth it when I am able to create some new products and designs.

A couple of posts ago I did mention that for some reason anything lovey dovey and romantic was really appealing to me of late even though I have no idea why, well now that I sit back and take a look I can see this has continued in some of my new designs.

Here is a sneak peak of some of them that have that 'romanticism' about them.  For the kawaii lovers dont worry I have still been making lots of new products in that style too which will be listed very shortly.

I am particularly excited about the Blue Lagoon ponytail holders.  They are so unique and have been made using cabochons in a lovely rose design.  Most of these got snapped up at the 'Tour Down Under' market but not to worry I will be making more and I have one pair left here.

You can find these products and more listed in my Made It and Etsy store.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Brag Book

I just love a long weekend!  Even though Australia Day is on a Tuesday this year I have today off (Monday here) to give myself extra time with the kiddies this week yay!

We have been have been having a lovely time, I have just popped on to share this quick post with you while they are eating their breakfast and watching Pinnochio.

They are at the most precious age and when they get along with each other (ahem) some special moments really do happen.  I have to say one of my favourites is seeing my little man taking his sister by the hand and telling her to be 'careful'.

And moments like this are very rare as they are normally fighting over bubbles, balloons or who gets to ride in their toy car but I managed to get a quick snap of this ...

I am hoping to pop out today with them to start checking out some sewing machines as mine is too old and I really want to get back in to sewing again.  I have sketched out so many designs that I would like to see if they actually would work!  I also have many new ideas for hair accessories that I have been sketching out, now I am just 'impatiently' waiting for some more supplies to arrive so I can create them!  In the meantime here is another picture of my little 'tweetie' in a hair clip I made her to match her sweet little Tea Princess dress.

Like a Virgin!

Well I hope the title caught your attention ;)

I had my first ever market stall this weekend and WOW it was fantastic!  I was fortunate to gain a spot in Stage 5 of the 'Tour Down Under' at Willunga (which is in my home state of South Australia).  It was a lot of work to get enough products made in time, but I am so glad I went ahead with it, despite being unwell the week before.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to speak to customers face to face and it was wonderful to see peoples real reactions to my products that I make with so much joy.  Some big highlights would have to be seeing little girls ripping out their old hair ties and clips and putting mine in straight away and also checking themselves out in the mirror while doing it!  I also had some great feeback from a lady who saw a little girl wearing one of my rings and coming over to buy one for herself.

My gorgeous sister helped me on the day and we just had the best time despite the early start (thank goodness for Jumbo sized coffee).

Here are some pictures from the day...

I was really pleased to find out that I have been accepted to be at Mathilda's Market as well which has always been a dream of mine!

Monday, January 11, 2010

All You Need Is Love

I am not sure what it is, but lately anything dreamy and romantic has been really appealing to me.  I dont think it is because of Valentines Day being around the corner, as for me that really is just any other day unless my Mr 2.5 year old gets me something nice, or I am sure I can manage to treat myself ;)

It might be because my older sister just recently got engaged and I am having so much fun doing my 'Maid of Honour' duties and pouring over wedding magazines and all the great wedding blogs and shops online (so addictive).

I have been spending much of my time (well being a Mum of 2 children under 3 time can be limited in this area) admiring and purchasing little vintage pieces of fabric and lace here and there and these pieces which I usually just bring out to admire every now and again are slowly making there way in to some of my new items.

I am having fun mixing the old with the new and hope to make more goodies like this alongside my usual trademark Kawaii and Fairytale styles. Check out some of my new items in store. Here is my little sweetheart wearing one of my new designs Sugar and Spice

She was tucking in to a yummy Jelly Cup at one her little friend's birthday party.

Other lovely items which have caught my eye from talented handmade artists just in time for Valentines Day for those who like the mushy stuff (ok sometimes I do too).

Alright enough of this lovey dovey stuff...I am off to watch my UK Soapies

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I realise I have not posted for a while, but the good news is that I have taken a little break and had some time out with my little ones.  I absolutely love Christmas and enjoy spending the time with my family and friends, it can be hard as I reflect on the people that are no longer with us to celebrate but I take the opportunity to remember all fond times we spent together.

Christmas was lovely and we welcomed the new year quietly (well I did have a few wines) but I have thoroughly enjoyed the wind down time and I hope you all had a great time over the holiday period.

I just want to share a couple of pictures of my little ones who rock my world!  The shot of my daughter is her with her first pigtails on New Years Eve (unfortunately you cant see the How Tweet It Is accessories she was wearing but it was such a cute shot I couldnt resist!).  The shot of my cheeky son is him checking out the pool and trying to coax his Mummy to join him in the cold water.  We were at a party so I wasnt about to get in to bathers in front of everyone, but if my New Years goal goes to plan I will hopefully be comfortable in bathers this same time in 2011!

Now back to it....I hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you all. I have a good feeling about this year and look forward to what lies ahead......