Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Brag Book

I just love a long weekend!  Even though Australia Day is on a Tuesday this year I have today off (Monday here) to give myself extra time with the kiddies this week yay!

We have been have been having a lovely time, I have just popped on to share this quick post with you while they are eating their breakfast and watching Pinnochio.

They are at the most precious age and when they get along with each other (ahem) some special moments really do happen.  I have to say one of my favourites is seeing my little man taking his sister by the hand and telling her to be 'careful'.

And moments like this are very rare as they are normally fighting over bubbles, balloons or who gets to ride in their toy car but I managed to get a quick snap of this ...

I am hoping to pop out today with them to start checking out some sewing machines as mine is too old and I really want to get back in to sewing again.  I have sketched out so many designs that I would like to see if they actually would work!  I also have many new ideas for hair accessories that I have been sketching out, now I am just 'impatiently' waiting for some more supplies to arrive so I can create them!  In the meantime here is another picture of my little 'tweetie' in a hair clip I made her to match her sweet little Tea Princess dress.

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