Friday, November 20, 2009

If only there was a 'like' button for websites like on Facebook...

I have been fortunate enough through my networks to recently discover Project 18

What is Project 18 do you ask? Well take a look at my favourite quote from Project 18's inspirational President, Cate Bolt
'Its time to make like superheros. Put your underpants on the outside - we've got a freakin world to save'

I wont go on too much about the site as I think it is important that you all check it out for yourselves but just a few things you should know are that in the shop all the dresses are made from dontated fabrics. All the handmade items that Cate makes are from donations so the items are limited and very exclusive so you can be sure your daughter will be wearing a unique piece.

Along with the fabric being donated, so is the time that Cate takes to sew all the dresses, so you know that 100% of the sale price goes directly to the charity.

Project 18 is unique because it combines humanitarian and conservation aid, with equal importance. They recognise that the future of our earth depends almost totally on the children of today. They seek to involve children in environmental conservation, reforestation & rehabilitation of wildlife from the youngest possible age. They believe that if communities are given the tools, knowledge & opportunity to create sustainable lifestyles for themselves and their families they will be able to create a legacy that will last for generations to come.

Along with the handmade dresses there are a couple of creations that I feel are a must have!

I am personally in love with the Heart you Two bag and now that my lovely sister just got engaged over the weekend I have my eye on this ring pillow for her wedding.

So go on, take a look at Project 18 and I assure you, you will find not only inspiration but fabulous items for yourself or GREAT xmas pressies that you know are the gift that keeps giving.  So hurry up please before I buy the whole shop!

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