Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's a 'Lee Lee Bunt'!!

Don’t you just love it when your little one starts to say new words! Yesterday I put my daughter in a gorgeous top that had been given to me by a friend which featured an appliqué Elephant on the front. Now since then my daughter keeps saying 'lee lee bunt’ and squeals with delight.

I too am also a fan of elephants, I cant put my finger on it but they really appeal to me.

So, today along with the help of her bigger brother Mr 2.5 we cleaned up her room and I took down some of the prints I had (ones I made myself and was proud of at the time but now we need to move on ha) from when she was first a baby and took a look on Etsy to hunt down some Elephant prints for her room and each one of these got a squeal and a ‘lee lee bunt’ reaction from her so that has not helped me to narrow it down, wish I had enough wall space for all of them!

Now this isnt necessarily elephant focussed but there is an elephant in it, I have fallen in love with this 2010 Giclee Calendar by Joo Joo

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