Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blink and You Miss It

Wow it has been a really long time since I have posted on this blog, and it certainly has not been because I have nothing to say as unfortunately I am never short of that as my friends and family will tell you I am quite the chatterbox!  It has just been that things have been so busy both work wise and in my personal life.  Now I am certainly not going to complain about my shop being busy it is WONDERFUL to have so many supporters!

I have had to move house and with two little ones in tow it has not been the quick and easy task that I thought it would be seeing that I was only moving a few streets away. They are taking a while to settle in the new environment so lots of sleepless nights and not being able to find things as I cant remember where I put them when I unpacked have been happening around here.  My little man has moved to a big boy bed, when I say BIG bed I mean it as he was already in a toddler bed but now he has a double bed which was kindly donated by his Aunty, I actually think his bed may be more comfortable than my own!  While my youngest has just moved in to the stage where she no longer requires a sleeping bag so there have been lots of 'its playtime' moments happening at 2 and 3 am!

You may have also noticed that 'How Tweet It Is' has had a makeover!  The extremely talented Tamara Sirl Designs has done an amazing job, and I am really not lying when I say with my logo she did not have to change one thing at all I loved it straight away!  She did this all with my very rambled and sleep deprived brief of wanting a little vintage style girl holding a bird in Old Hollywood style.  I am sure you will agree she captured it perfectly!

Ok so that is my little update in a nutshell but I thought I will share some pictures of things that have been happening outside of the stresses of moving house and I hope to be able to be more frequent with my entries from now on...

My little man turned Three!

Lots of family fun times smiling and a bit of r'n'r

I was interviewed by Made It for the Mum Who Makes segment, which was such an honour!  You can read my interview here

I also had my first print ad published with so many talented Made It designers in one of my favourite magazines 'My Child'!

Phew....oh well I had better go my little ones have been watching the road outside to make sure it is drying up as I promised to take them to the park if the rain stopped...till next time xox